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Teak planks

Of course you can also contact DecoMeubel for custom-made loose shelves, for example as a window sill, bookshelf, separate table top, stair step, etc. (PS: the stairs in our showroom are also made of TEAK :)). DecoMeubel only uses heartwood for all its products and therefore no sapwood, and no chemical coloring agents. This allows you to easily color your loose planks by means of wax, oil, stain or lacquer. We can wholeheartedly recommend products from the Rubio Monocoat brand and can be supplied in no less than 40 different colors (see here )

Mail or call us the desired size (length, width and thickness), and you will immediately receive a quote or calculate the price yourself as follows:

If the longest side is not longer than 240 cm:
Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Thickness (cm) x 0.01 = the price in euros including 21% VAT, excluding any shipping costs.

If the longest side is longer than 240 cm but shorter than 300 cm:
Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Thickness (cm) x 0.012 = the price in euros including 21% VAT, excluding any shipping

If the longest side is longer than 300 cm but shorter than 580 cm:
Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Thickness (cm) x 0.015 = the price in euros including 21% VAT, excluding any shipping costs.

NOTE: The minimum thickness must be 2.5 cm. We do not supply thinner planks, because the risk of warping and/or cracking then increases considerably.

The minimum order amount for custom-made teak planks is € 50.

The shipping costs depend on the size and weight of the package. Up to a length of 170cm and a width of 70cm, shipping with PostNL is possible, provided the total weight does not exceed 30 Kg. As a rule of thumb, you can use the following calculation as an indication: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Thickness (cm) x 0.0009 = weight in kilograms. Current shipping costs can be found on the Postnl website. For planks longer than 170cm or heavier than 30 Kg, please contact us. State in your message what your place of residence is, and the desired dimensions of the planks. 

580cm is also the longest available size. Note: The minimum thickness for teak planks is 2.5 cm. ALL shelves are CUSTOM MADE in Indonesia. As a result, the delivery time for boards up to 240 cm is approximately 3 months, from 240...300 cm approximately 3.5 months, and from 300...580 cm approximately 4.5 months (3 weeks during the construction industry holiday and 2 weeks during Christmas and New Year NOT included).

For brushed teak (roughened surface) there is an additional charge of 10% on the above prices.

We often get the question whether we don't have a piece of teak "somewhere" from which a certain plank can be sawn. Occasionally we do have loose teak leaves in stock, but sawing them with the aim of removing your desired size from the plank has many disadvantages:
1. it produces a lot of waste, and the price will therefore be higher than what is indicated above.
2. Sawing in existing blades means that the internal wedge construction with which the teak parts are connected becomes visible.
3. Because the position of the wedge construction is no longer adapted to the blade that was cut to size afterwards, and the constructive strength now has to come purely from the bonding, this increases the risk of cracking of the blade.

We therefore always advise you to take the delivery time for granted, which results in the cheapest, most beautiful and best plank or beam.

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